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Belton, TX Real Estate Market Trends

If you're considering a move to Belton or investing in its burgeoning real estate market, The Truss Team is your go-to resource for navigating this exciting and somewhat competitive landscape with confidence and ease.

Belton Housing Market Overview:

Belton's real estate market is a blend of stability and growth, offering an array of opportunities for buyers and investors. Let's delve into the current market trends:

  • Median Sale Price: The median sale price in Belton has risen to $315K, showing a steady growth of 1.3% since last year.
  • Sale Price per Square Foot: The value per square foot stands at $173, with a marginal decrease of 0.57% from the previous year, hinting at stable investment opportunities.

Dynamics of the Market:

Belton's housing market reflects a balance between buyer and seller interests:

  • Time on Market: Homes are selling after an average of 116 days on the market, a significant increase from 16 days last year. This trend suggests a more buyer-friendly pace.
  • Sales Volume: There were 21 homes sold in October 2023, down from 31 in the same period last year, indicating a shift in market dynamics.

Market Temperature:

  • Competitiveness: The Belton market is somewhat competitive, offering a fair ground for both buyers and sellers.
  • Negotiation Potential: Homes generally sell for about 2% below the listing price, providing some room for negotiation.
  • Pending Period: On average, homes go pending in around 57 days. However, 'Hot Homes' can go pending in about 22 days, often selling close to the listing price.

Migration and Relocation Trends:

Belton is experiencing interesting migration and relocation trends:

  • Outward Migration: Between August and October 2023, 54% of Belton homebuyers looked to move out of Belton, while 46% preferred to stay within the metropolitan area.
  • Inward Interest: From outside metros, 0.14% of homebuyers showed interest in moving to Belton, with notable interest from Austin, Los Angeles, and New York.
  • Belton Residents' Preferences: Among those considering moving, Dallas, Houston, and Boston are popular destinations for Belton residents.

Why Choose The Truss Team in Belton?

In the nuanced Belton market, The Truss Team stands out with its deep understanding of local trends and commitment to personalized service. Whether you're buying your first home, seeking investment opportunities, or planning a move within or out of Belton, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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